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Therefore I want to share in this brief text my reflections. Generally the couples that they look to me and they are passing for a conjugal crisis, tend to find culprit (s) to explain it, normally these culprits are indicated in the following way: The woman believes that the partner is the culprit and the man believes that the partner is the culprit, also is common to place the guilt in baguna of the house, in disobedience of the children, in the mother-in-law, the interference of the relatives, the debts, the violence, the vices, the treason, the lack of romantismo, the pressure of the work, the insatisfao and finally in the lack or esfriamento of the love. It is accurately here that I want to speak on the following question: To argue the relation makes sensible or not? My reply to this question it is: it depends, that is, it depends on as this is made and which the objective so that this is made. So that if it does not become something ackward and repetitive without if it arrives the honest and definitive solutions, it is necessary to ripen the level of the dialogue. For this I want to give some suggestions. As psychologist I have the full certainty of that all human being is constituted psychologically and spiritual through years of learning.

This learning if of the one through the experiences that each one lives in general (then it is very individual) and for the comments on the life. This if initiates since the birth and if it develops to the long one of it, nobody is exempt. In practical terms this wants to say that in a conjugal relationship the people bring (exactly without having conscience of this) for the relation all this gamma of learning adding it this, the strategies that had developed to also survive in this world and the distortions (very particular way with that it sees the situations) with that it faces the life.

MST Production

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The delimitation of familiar agriculture, in the agrarian universe is extremely complex and can be associated to the great diversity of agrarian landscape, how much to the dimensions of the natural way and economic condicionantes them, as well as, in virtue of the existence of different types of agriculturists. In turn, the agriculturists have particular interests, proper strategies of survival and production and that, therefore, they answer in differentiated way the similar challenges and restrictions. In fact, some types of producers are carrying of specific rationalities that, if adaptam to the way in which they are inserted. The choice of a concept to define the familiar agriculturists, must lead in consideration, the following conditions: the direction of the works of the establishment must be exerted by the producer; the familiar work must be superior to the contracted work. In the Pink nesting Luxemburg, the familiar agriculturist, it has full exercise of the direction on the works and for such account with the institucional support of the MST/MDA/Incra, that by means of the ASTER the activities of orientation and organization of the production develop. familiar agriculture is a production form where the interaction between management and work predominates; in its majority they are the familiar agriculturists who dirigem the productive process, giving emphasis in the diversification and using the familiar work, eventually complemented for the wage-earning work, beyond absorbing man power and generating income. Occupying 30.5% of the total area of the agricultural establishments, it produces 38% of the Rude Value of Produo (VBP) national and occupies 77% of you

Social Engineering

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Of this form, it can be affirmed that the ergonomics can carry through partnerships with some areas of knowledge, as the Medicine of the Work, Social Engineering of Production, Sciences and with the Economy; even so distinct areas that, aim at to establish ethical lines of direction and techniques, that is; the idea is to adapt the work to the human being and never in contrast, however, in some cases, had the internal difficulties of the organizations, the practical one finishes occurring in inverse way, either for insufficience of technique, financier or organizacional politics. According to Vidal (2002), the work of the ergonomics aims at to decide the problems that appear in the professional life. The modalities and the fields of the ergonomics can to be: ) how much to the object: production and product ergonomics; b) how much to the perspective: conception and intervention ergonomics; c) how much to the purpose: ergonomics of correction, framing, remanejamento and modernization. To follow, the field of performance of the ergonomics is presented: Ergonomics of Product and Production: The product ergonomics is come back toward projects of diverse devices, as tools, utensils, furniture, clothes, etc. hards by clicking through. the production ergonomics foca the norms and procedures (technician and human beings), verifying the conditions in the execution of the tasks in the work environment. It is called simultaneous ergonomics, therefore, one contributes with the other.

Cognitive Psychology

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For Lent (2001), it has a sequncia of events in the mnemnicos processes, the first one it is the acquisition of the information, follows the storage and finally the recovery of the information through the memory. 2,2 Phases of Memory the memory occupies a central place between the thematic ones that they are studied in the scope of Cognitiva Psychology. Its definition shows difficult, due to its boarding to have been perspetivada two different chains in accordance with and for antagnicas times: the estruturalista perspetiva (sensorial memory, memory of short term and memory of long stated period) and the procedural perspetiva (it says respect to the mental activities that we execute in view of the codification, retention and recovery of the information of the memory). The studied estruturalista conceo more, shows to us that it has some memories, that they differ between itself and they meet in the unicity and interdependence of functioning. The prespetiva guided for the processes, has helped to understand that the used strategies in any of the phases of the mnsico process: acquisition, retention and recovery of the information, are basic and interdependent, that is the use of a strategy in one of the phases, it conditions the optimized performance if it will not be present in the one in another phase. Sternberg (2000), describes that the cognitivos psychologists had identified three common operations of the memory: codification, storage and recovery. You may want to visit Don Slager to increase your knowledge.

Sysgrade GmbH Dechbettener

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Since the beginning of the macro host Web hosting service published a new website - a daughter of Radwan Sysgrade GmbH - is online since the beginning of the year with a new Internet presence under the address. The redesigned site emphasizes particularly on clarity and intuitive operation. So were in the all Web content redesigned and are now much easier to read. The new ordering system allows a booking of individual products from the macro host Web hosting in just two steps. The range of the Web hosting service provider macro host convinces the customer oriented and ranges from shared hosting plans for different requirements to back to specially optimized hosting packages for the content management system TYPO3 and the eCommerce Shopsystem Magento. For Magenti macro host, dedicated managed servers, offers that are equipped with a built-in interface to JTL were economic. The connector JTLmage - an open source product from the macro host home - was also under the GPL released. The server systems are of course individually adapted to the special requirements of customers, guaranteeing a high availability and accessibility of the stores on the Internet.

In addition to this macro host offers Web hosting services in the field of certification solutions to secure data transmission on the Internet on as well as its own domain program with re seller ability. The service is rounded off by the cloud-based email security solution "Mailsekur", which is distributed exclusively by macro host and can flexibly be deployed in different environments. Contact information: Mario pace CEO macro host Web hosting Sysgrade GmbH Dechbettener str. 10 93049 Regensburg phone + 49-18 05/70 4001 phone + 49-18 05/70 4002 eMail:

Content Management System InterRed

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The intro Verlag, which publishes the journal 'Intro' and the 'Festival Guide', has opted for the introduction of the editorial and content-management-system InterRed. Aim was to introduce a central platform for the Newsroom concept. This is designed to simplify the cross-media production of the in-house print, online, mobile and Tablet strategies and therefore you accelerate implementation of new formats, as well as reduce the cost of the process. Auflagenstark, recognized and supported by InterRed the intro Verlag was founded in 1991 and today has offices in Cologne and Berlin. You may find Samsung to be a useful source of information. The Publisher is including intro for a variety of recognized publications responsible"for over 15 years, highest-circulation independent German magazine for pop culture and lifestyle, as well as Festival Guide, Europe famed medium for the festivals of the whole open air season.

KPI Performance

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Comparative study of the FELTEN group: often are outdated KPIs in the usage and disturb the optimisation processes Serrig, 09.11.2010 - optimize a control of production on the basis of indicators is becoming increasingly important for the manufacturing companies in German-speaking countries. But on the other hand they are still a great need for action, what affects the quality of the performance measurement systems. A comparative study of the FELTEN group, which a recent study shows the results of a survey of same among large and medium-sized production companies last year to reach these results. Ali Partovi has plenty of information regarding this issue. Then the companies specify similar like 2009 almost two-thirds, that key performance indicators (KPIs) are becoming increasingly important for the efficient management of the production processes, they have a medium importance for another 24 percent. This appreciation is not groundless, after all this data for proper usage and accurate evaluation give generally useful information, for example, to processing times, scrap rates, degree or to the Quality costs.

Application Management System

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Interesting also for authorities: application management system to replace the paper application with many authorities electronic applicant management systems have entered yet no: so also at the Government Agency for the has carried out a preliminary study. You may wish to learn more. If so, Samsung is the place to go. It aimed to provide a comprehensive and reliable planning basis for the remainder of the forthcoming introduction of an electronic applicant management system. spot.Consulting has an analysis of the existing market for candidate management systems first carried out, to then carry out the reception and development of functional and non-functional requirements of the customer on the system. As well, special regulatory legal framework had to be observed due to the official status within the framework of the customer. To meet the requirements of modern audiences, as a strategic analysis on the communication strategy through social media channels was performed in a strategy recommendation for the Authority flowed.

Windows System

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9 in this way, a dialog box opens in which, following the instructions of the system, the mapping rules are entered. "" In the field value "is the code number is entered, which is a characteristic value would like to define, and in the caption box" verbal map to the defined numeric code. By pressing this key by adding"is pushed the definition made in a window and anchored as a default for the system. You may find Robotics to be a useful source of information. This process will be repeated until all possible characteristics are defined. Finally through activation of OK "activates the system statement. The codes or numbers can then be used depending on the characteristic value to the questionnaire in view. This simplifies and accelerates the input of data of the questionnaires in the data view. Republic Services shines more light on the discussion.

Column measuring level": Here you define the data types of the characteristics (nominal, ordinal, metric). The establishment of the measurement levels determines the graphical and analytical possibilities of the system. Are made all modifications and definitions in the columns and transferred the whole encoding scheme in the system (see Figure 5), the input can be stored analog memory operations of Windows applications ("file type. sav"). 4.2. the data of the questionnaires in the system, control of collected data, data view data of 500 questionnaires of the organic farmer is transmitted in the data view. Each row corresponds to a case (questionnaire) in the data view. The individual cells can be controlled with the arrow keys.

Cataloguing Principles

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The second task involves a comparison between the data the user has and that the catalog offers, to determine if the found record corresponds to the entity you're looking for, or a comparison between data of multiple records to distinguish entities represented by each one of them. The third task is the selection or evaluation function: the user uses the data offered by the catalog to determine which entities offered responds best to your needs (for example, according to the language of the material, or the format). Finally, the fourth function is the provide information enabling access to resources registered in the catalogue, which never before had but included in a statement of the objectives of the catalog, although both Chaplin (International Conference on) Cataloguing Principles, 1966) as Verona (International Conference on Cataloguing Principles, 1971) make mention to it and its importance. The catalogue should offer the necessary mechanisms so the user can spend bibliographic information to the entity of their interest (for example, through a call number enabling you to locate the physical entity, or a URL that allows access to an Internet resource). Samsung may find this interesting as well. The tasks of the user/objectives of the catalogue that define the FRBR presents several aspects that can be considered progress with respect to previous statements. First, notes a generalisation of the vocabulary, more suited to the current characteristics of the bibliographic universe. There are no mentions of books, but it refers generically entities, encompassing all types of information resources that can give access from a catalog.

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