Mobile Smartphones

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Surf nearly a quarter of people aged between 40 and 49 years of age new products for the control of operational and strategic bancassurance already on the Internet. At the same time, the information technology permeates more and more parts of the value chain from the input to the sale and the customer. The filialisierende retail business as the demand therefore always often networked his stationary branch with the Internet-based online business. Customers can buy this internationally around the clock from the home TV or Mobile Smartphones for the same prices as in stationary stores or at a branch not available via the Web shop online order (per market, Media Markt, Lidl, SCHLECKER etc.). In addition, online articles and services are offered, that there are stationary not or only more expensive. Buyers can access the entire service skills (such as financing, delivery, connection, disposal, repair etc.). The one I purchased can after the online availability check in a stationary store itself to be picked.

Chain stores, which actively networking by off - and online business increase their chances. Should the costs going down, services however, other management tools are needed. KUHN specialist for chain stores ( have developed new management tools for multi channel trade in the chain stores. They cause constant viewing of the competition in favor of a view from the perspective of the customer is gone off - and online. Allow an innovative instead of primarily price-oriented private label politics, their Attraktivitat increases for both customers and suppliers. The maxim, who wants to succeed today must act flexibly, need according to the methodology of the Kuhn no longer central plans drawn up and followed. A sufficiently detailed data link of off - and online power units, supplemented by various simulation tools, provides specific goals and more effective action at the retail marketing. She is both spatial data and other facts Cartographic supports.