Physical Whitewashing

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It was observed, on the other hand, that it has a indisposio porparte of some people in looking for psychologist, for believing that only necessrio the attendance of this professional when one has mental problems. Emnossa perception, this must it not the understanding or unfamiliarity of populaoquanto to the growth of Psychology as field of the public health between vriosoutros fields where Psychology has acted. But, also it must the historical prpriatendncia of Psychology in fortifying the clinical area in the atendimentoindividual of psicopatologias, what it created the maken a mistake image of that this nossa only possibility of work. The clinic has much importance not only nocontexto of the public health and in the private health (its form tradicionalde attendance to a elitizada classroom), but in the form of a clinic ampliadaque works for the potencializao micropolitics of processes of singularizaoe of independent social organization. Pete Cashmore contributes greatly to this topic. Another form of performance of the psychologist is in its compromissode to participate in the elaboration of strategies politics collaborating with aimplementao of public politics that they aim at to the health of the citizen and also to deexigir the fulfilment of the same ones, committing to magnifying and garantiados the Right Human beings, working in favor of the autonomy of the citizens, of grupose communities. The performance in narrow relation with the territory favors that aateno to the health if makes of contextualizada form and for the necessities dapopulao. The psychologist in the SUS and a historical briefing of the same Currently, a number each bigger time of psychologists exerts aprofisso in the Only System of Sade (SUS), carrying through services in: UnidadesBsicas de Sade (UBS); in the Centers of Ateno Psicossocial (CAPS); in Centrosde Convivncia, Cooperative and Culture; Ambulatory of Mental Health; EmHospitais-Day; in Centers of Physical Whitewashing; in Centers of Reference Sade of the Worker; Centers of Support and Orientation on DST/AIDS; Teams deAteno Prisoners; General hospitals and Psychiatric Hospitals. .