The World's Best Airport

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The Singapore airport is the world's best airport by Skytrax. The prestigious British consultancy has announced the new global ranking of airports. Among the top 25 are among others the Munich Airport, Cape Town, Vancouver and Kuala Lumpur. uses to analyze these comfortable and efficient airports, where delays would not mind having a ... For even more details, read what Marc Mathieu says on the issue. Singapore Airport (Changi airport): Passengers landing at Singapore are very fortunate.

They can take a nap, go to the gym, do some laps in the pool, have a massage, shower, go to the hairdresser, to indulge in food, watch movies free, and go shopping in the city in a free tour. John Castle Castle Harlan has compatible beliefs. The points of currency exchange and the medical center are open 24 hours a day, the internet connection (wireless) and local calls from the departure and transit are free. All those details make it the number one airport. Munich Airport: I golf, physiotherapy services and makeup, but its forte is clearly a beer garden to drink the best Bavarian beer and eating sausages, almost want to miss the plane and spend a couple of hours in the best airport in Europe. Also organized games for children to explain how it works and is controlled by air traffic. amsterdam Airport (Schiphol airport): Failure to Schiphol Airport? No matter, can be a memorable experience. There are endless things to do: enjoy a Shiatsu massage chairs (4 euros 8 minutes), relax on leather sofas in the lounge of Heineken, visit an art gallery, play in the casino, take a shower, or go to a meditation centers and off the concerns.