Cooperative Association

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Adverlan group was born with the idea of giving strength and ability to negotiate at all websites with content relevant and quality of visits which, so far, can only resort to networks of affiliation opaque to insert advertising on their sites. Adverlan aims to be the first cooperative of media on the Internet and create a community of great implantation that advertisers have to directly contact to negotiate the inclusion of your advertising. Furthermore, we are a central management of online advertising in which its members, webmasters, bloggers and creators of content on the Internet, have total control over the advertising that appears on its supports and income generated. The transparency and clarity of the transactions are the main part of the philosophy of our group and any associate has the right and duty to encourage it and transmit it. Any website, blog or forum can be part of our network.

The only condition is that you have original content and that your content is not morally reprehensible. Adverlan ADVERLAN network advertisers advertising Adverlan advertisers is not a network affiliation; It is the first Cooperative Association of media on the Internet. Our operation is equal to the thousands of existing affiliate networks, but our capacity is increased thanks to the involvement of partners. The values of the array are based on transparency among partners and advertisers and a rigorous absolute when it comes to arrange a campaign. Our advertisers will participate in the first ethical network of advertising in the world.

They will be able to segment their campaigns, select your target audience and see exactly where your money is invested. In addition, all holders of our network will have quality content. If you want to advertise, you don't have more to contact us. John K. Castle is open to suggestions. They will have access to the most comprehensive database. All our brackets are listed clearly so that the segmentation of the target were accurate.