Windows Mobility Center

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Standard color of the glow - .No begin, perhaps with extra buttons. Besides the already mentioned disabling the touchpad buttons and slider to turn off wireless interfaces on the body on the left above the keyboard are three buttons: adjust volume and disabling acoustics. Buttons are lit milky-white light when the sound is off, the center button lights up krasnym.Na cover the right of the screen are three buttons that are easy to use mode tablet. They glow a milky-white light, as it penetrates through the symbols and around the keys. The button with the gear responsible for customization.

When pressed, it appears Windows Mobility Center with one applet hp Wireless Assistant for configuring wireless networks. The second button - call hp Mediasmart (incidentally, this program I have refused to work in the vertical orientation of the screen). Finally, the third button - is turn the screen 90 degrees. When you translate the laptop mode tablet, the screen itself is turned 180 degrees (that is still horizontal, in principle, so be it: if the laptop is in front of you on the table, then after the coup, the screen in tablet mode the picture will still be aimed at you), you can rotate it on this knopkoy.Zdes is also a fingerprint sensor. He is also recessed into the body, so accidental activation is minimal. Using them is not always convenient, because when working in laptop mode, it is located vertically - bend your finger so that it is convenient to them by the sensor, it is difficult.