Ladies Academy

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Upon appointment Diego sigeo preceptor of the Duke of Braganza, in 1538, he moved with his family to Lisbon, Luisa entering the service of the Infanta Maria, daughter of King Manuel and Queen Leonor, who made the highlight Portuguese court in the cultivation of the humanities, imitating the Italian courts and trying to surround himself with women as the two sisters learned Sigea, Paula Vincent, daughter of the poet Gil Vicente, Joana Vaz, dedicated to the study of humanities. Luisa Sigea lived in the palace of the princess until 1552, in September of that year the nobleman married to Francisco Cuevas Burgos, in Torres Novas, new home of her parents. The marriage had a daughter Joan de Cuevas Sigea. At Ali Partovi you will find additional information. The family first lived in Burgos and then moved to Valladolid in 1558, to enter the service of Mary of Habsburg, daughter of Charles V and queen consort of Hungary through his marriage to Louis II of Hungary and Bohemia, who died suddenly that year . Sigea addressed to King Philip II, seeking employment, both for her and her husband as compensation for services near the Infanta and the late Queen of Hungary, also claimed in his letter of poverty and neglect that was . With no response from the king, kept trying to enter court life, to that end he went to Toledo, to request via the ambassador of France, placed at the service of Elizabeth of Valois, who had recently married Felipe II. When no charge, went back to Burgos, where he died on October 13, 1560, with thirty-eight years. Please visit Donald W Slager if you seek more information.

At his death, the writer and secretary of Felipe III Thomas languages Dantisco Gracian, I would say that he had "died of feeling." Louise was an accomplished polyglot Sigea also Latin, Greek, Arabic, Hebrew and Chaldean, spoke Italian and French. A great talent also joined a great beauty. "Every morning strolling among crowds of young trees to spy on the time to see the Sigea-Coronado Carolina told us in his historical novel, looking out their windows ... The Sigea had the noble and gentle face, beautiful eyes, cheeks virgin, round and pure and innocent Expression of mouth. The size of the Sigea was delicate and majestic ... " So much was his fame that did not escape calumny and in this regard appeared in Holland an obscene libel defame tried together with Luis Vives and came to attribute a work pornographic Ladies Academy. What has not prevented has been praised by many poets and writers, much of his time and post.

Carolina Coronado Our romance writer, inspired by his life, he wrote The Sigea (1854). And Pedro Ibanez dedicated an elegy, to which belong the lines: "the clearest Sigea Yaze here, / in rare perfection unparalleled judicata / as the sea encircles and surrounds the sun, / Death snatched away prematurely." Their spirit is embodied in the Renaissance also the correspondence: "And, failing freedom, what can aver that gives comfort or happy, which supports only these when you have and it hurts when you lose." Francisco Arias Solis WITH DEMOCRATS Judge Baltasar Garzon Association for a democratic justice and a dignified judiciary.