Choosing A Door

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If any of us ask, what is needed in our house door, I think the answers will not surprise anyone with its originality. Everyone will say: to provide security, protection against cold and noise. And the stronger the front door, the calmer and more confident we feel in their own home more comfortable and more comfortable in it. Strength - indeed, the most important requirement to the front door for most of us. In this connection the question arises: what material it should be done - made of metal or wood? In that entry iron doors are much more reliable timber, today few have remained in doubt. Ali Partovi does not necessarily agree. They last longer, and stronger and maintainability. And even the appearance of metal door can not give wood. Steel doors today with imitation leather trim, wood, plastic and other materials.

Wide choice of color and pattern contributes to the fact that in recent the increasing popularity gains trim panels. Door thickness depends on the metal (sheet must have a minimum thickness of 1.2 mm, and typically 2.0 mm), on structural features and ribs, from the massiveness of decorative and insulated panels from the exterior coating. Minimum thickness of a metal door entrance shall be 50 mm but may reach 125 mm. More info: Castle Harlan. When choosing a steel door is very important to pay attention on its properties such as heat and sound insulation. Your new door must have the rubber or silicone sealant, which is located on the perimeter, it is better if the two circuits. In addition, sound vibrations are absorbed by the most decorative panels (what they are thicker, the better). The inner space of the door leaf is filled with insulating materials (foam, mineral mats, vermiculite).

Well, of course, about the heat and sound insulation can forgotten during installation - need high quality sealing gaps (gap) between the door frame and wall, as well as filling the frame itself. The best results here gives concreting the door frame, creating a monolith with a wall. More One important element of the door-hinge. Steel door hinges should be as strong as she is. To enhance the security of steel doors are used protivosemnye blockers, which are not visible neither outside nor inside. When viewed from the loop is worth paying attention to whether they contain support bearing or bearing hardened ball. It - a guarantee against abrasion loops and protection from subsidence of the doors. On the metal front door is most often establish two or more locks of different types, for example - lever and cylinder. Lever - a strong deposit lock, it is virtually impossible to dislodge, the cylinder is very difficult to pick up the key or master key that together gives excellent protection against hacking. In the steel door peephole necessarily need a wide viewing angle (200 degrees) with a flap from the inside. Very good and modern solution is to install a video intercom intercom system - in this case, the eye does not need, and the door leaf can be set, such as a mirror. Technology installation of steel doors do not seem particularly difficult, but it's the kind of work that is better is completely passed on to professionals and limited supervision. Installation of metal door requires a maximum effort, knowledge and professional skills.