How I Won The Battle The Bulge

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Received from a reader an unsolicited email that is getting good results using the software a Top 's Secret Fat Loss Secrets of Dr. Suzanne Gudakunst and decided to publish it as we wrote the reader, is that everybody has a story or more about their success or failure with different diets, programs and weight loss supplements, usually there are many stories of failure and little success as it becomes a constant battle with little knowledge on the subject, this will always result in failure . I leave the email I received: "Since I was in high school I struggled with my weight at that age one is already conscious of itself, how it looks, weight, unfortunately when you're young sometimes weight define your role among friends and social groups, it does not change much when the years go by, it may not be the same but still at least in my case I was looking in the mirror and I was not quite happy with my figure, I have right now 35 years and I can say that my weight has been a subject I worried since I was 15, but that is over. My first diet when I began it had just entered high school, I skipped breakfast, I sat in the cafeteria with my friends and everything I ate wheat bread were toasted and pieces of carrot, that was it! For dinner I ate very little away or that my mom prepared, again taking care of the calories.