Consumer Electronics

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Tieych Tung, Ted Hsu, Wayne Hsieh and Emti Layo - ever heard of these names? You'd be surprised, but before 1989, these people worked in the company of Acer. In the 89th they were separated, and it was very difficult. They made motherboards, though to break in leaders of the fledgling company a long time without success. But the desire and ability to always lead to good results - the march of the company, whose name is derived from the Greek words, and Pegasus, out of a desire to be the founders of the early alphabet, it became Asustek, commenced in 1995, after signing a long-term contract with Intel. They have received worldwide recognition and motherboards are still the best. Further, Asus has expanded the product line - there were Asus optical drives and graphics cards. Notebook priorities. Most important to date the event occurred, perhaps, only in the year 2000. That's when I saw the first light notebooks Asus. Laptops come in the third paragraph of the strategy Asus '3 C '-' Computers, Communications, Consumer Electronics' - consumer electronics.

Company laptops in this category are communicators and mobile phones. Laptop lineup presented by almost all possible configurations - it professional powerful notebooks and business notebooks, as well as low cost and ultra. At last you should pay special attention. Magical mini. Small laptops - it's something that for so long move 'noutbukostroenie', but really reduce the laptop and do it loudly and clearly able to Asus. Small notebook Asus, perhaps, imprinted a serious mark on history. And if something we can say 'yes udalenky small', this class of notebooks that appeared to light thanks to already familiar to you Tieychu Tung, Ted Hsu, Wayne Hsayu and Emti Layo. Steve Wozniak is likely to increase your knowledge. Thanks to their diligence and hard work, today we are able to walk into any store and buy a notebook! And now let the have released virtually all netbooks notebook manufacturers. And let the Acer - a company whose workers once the Division organized a company Asus - let it close on the heels

Asus and releases one after the other super popular netbooks and becoming popular brand. Let. Still, the palm belongs to Asus. Because that's netbook Asus was the first. Netbook Asus Eee pc 701 - founder of netbooks. Not a step without innovation. In general, to say that Asus is strongly relaxed, it is impossible. They regularly produce something innovative. Asus has released one of the first 12-inch netbook, though she herself was once asked to do a fashion netbooks only 10-and 11-inch. Asus was the first company that issued the notebook-transformer. It was and is the Asus Eee pc T91. Who's here most-most? Asus is the same calm disposition and does not work at this company to be inconspicuous. And, just, their laptops Asus actively shouting all over the world 'We are the best! ". Asus Notebooks visited in space and worked without any failures entire 600 days. Even in extreme conditions at the station 'Mir' notebooks never overheated. Laptop Asus has managed to visit at an altitude of 8848 meters! Where the rest of the experiment could not boot, he continued to work. As You may have guessed, it was Everest. Irrepressible Guide Asus also sent their laptops in the North and South poles, forcing them to participate in the rally and help the rescue services in the air by helicopters. Well, as you after all this idea of buying a netbook asus, eh?