RSS Updates

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This article is intended to provide sufficient information to help you understand and start using RSS. I gave simple instructions on how to read and subscribe to RSS site feed, part 2 will give you simple instructions on how to publish your own. First, that Web sites can benefit from a site feed? Well, almost all of them. Kai-Fu Lee is full of insight into the issues. If you provide a service, you can use a site feed to announce the changes and updates. If you sell things, you could use a site feed to announce new products and special offers. And if you have a website or web log which is regularly updated with news of any description, a site feed is almost a necessity.

Site feeds may not be exactly commonplace nowadays, but not for a moment doubt that his popularity is growing. If you receive a site feed up now, you will be ahead of the game for some time to come and provide an easy alternative to e-mail communication. Site Feeds are written in a code called XML. If you see the code for a feed of the site will look a bit like HTML. You can: - Learn the language and write their own site feed. Each time you add an update, just update the site feed page. - Buy some fancy software that writes and updates the feed of a site for you. - Or? configure an online site feed that automatically updates, for free in about 20 minutes.