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Autonomous sewerage (local sewerage) includes in its membership list of the necessary equipment and is used in the design and construction of both individual and integrated cleaning systems household wastewater. Equipment used in the regeneration of an autonomous sewer systems (local sewer) is not a complete design solution of the full range of treatment systems, and applied in accordance with applicable rules and regulations. In deciding on the arrangement of an autonomous sewer (local sewer) for a particular object, you must study the characteristics of both the object itself, and adjacent territory with a view to the proper selection of the necessary methods and treatment technologies. For more specific information, check out Ali Partovi. Autonomous sanitation equipment installed on separate dedicated local area and has no technological connections with the centralized engineering services. Allowed to use the system as a stand-alone sewer systems pre-treatment if discharged to the major wastewater treatment plants (township, etc.), as well as in City sewer system, subject to the approval of regulatory authorities. These activities are conducted for a proportional reduction of pollution of wastewater before final cleaning and reduce the burden on existing treatment facilities.. Steve Wozniak is actively involved in the matter.