Mungersdorfer Stadium

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"Interactive augmented reality application Newroom media for the O'Neill wake the line event on July 04, 2010 the 24 of best Wakeboarders and wake hangovers in the wake of the line occurred in the Mungersdorfer Stadium bath in Cologne, Germany for the third time" event map. The spectacular Wakeboardaktion and who is who"of rider scene outside of the water to continue has O'Neill in cooperation with the Cologne company Newroom media for the installation of an augmented reality application decided. Based on the popular hyper freak sweepstakes on the O'Neill site could surf visitors here interactively on a wave and prove to their Wakeboardskills out of the water. On-site Newroom media were installed by the Cologne company two terminals to be able to use the application. A Terminal served on as a playing surface that shows others the highscore list and was used for entering data. The functioning of the augmented reality application is based on a marker.

This marker is the controller and can surf the surfer by movement on the shaft. The aim is the virtual surfers to leave as long as possible on the hyper freak wave surfing. As a reward waiting for O'Neill hyperlink geek the best surfer surfboard. The courts were 2 to 10 with a new hyper freak Boardshort equipped. The augmented reality application enabled the interaction in real time, which wowed the audience.

The large crowds at the O'Neill was driver even during the finale of the wakeboard great. The combination of the hyper freak to control competition, as well as the movement of the marker to the surfers in real time the feature shows the augmented reality application. The combination of reality and virtual reality that is surfing on the digital wave possible. In particular by the linking of the wake, a strong reference to the application the line events and the application could be established. Just like in real life, the game ended as soon as the surfer from the shaft. For more information, a video and a corresponding image gallery of the eponymous storefront installation, see our blog.