Use Of SMS In 10 Business Areas

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Currently, mobile telephony has over 3,300 million people around the world SMS being the most used tool in many areas of daily life and work. The number of text messages is significantly higher than phone calls, so its use has spread to various areas of daily life and business. In this paper is to display the possible uses of SMS in 10 business areas, possibly there are more applications in the communications tool that could be used, but these areas cover a wide spectrum of employment. The SMS can be used in the following business areas: 1 .- Sales, Advertising and Marketing, to: promote new products and services, making launches and brand positioning. Direct sales and run special promotions to VIP customers. Make payments, apply discounts, participate in auctions, get virtual vouchers, s etc See information on products, services, prices, promotions, s etc Sending and collateral information: Weather, horoscopes, news, quotes, quotations, jokes, movie and theater, ringtones, games, music, multimedia messaging, s etc Communicating launch events, clubs, via e-mail promotions, specific information of a service or product.

Buy, sell or rent: Products, goods or services. Run social responsibility campaigns. 2 .- Customer to: Send congratulations, special greetings, s etc Remember meetings, events, appointments, s etc Report on work completed, status of activities, information about schedules and results. Making complaints (personal or anonymous), report faults and complaints, make requests, s etc Run as measured by polls and voting.