Cellular Phones Have Changed the Way We Live

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Although the technology necessary to produce and use cellular phones has been around for decades, for most of that time it was just not practical to make cell phones for every day, personal use. In the 1950s Eriksson developed a Mobile Telephone System A in Sweden. The problem with that device was that it weighed more than 80 pounds (about 40 kilo), and a later phone weighed 20 pounds, still too heavy to make the phone truly portable.

The 1980s saw the beginning to the age of the truly mobile phone. In 1983 Motorola released its first really portable phone, the DynaTAC 8000X. The FCC in the United States approved it for use after Motorola spent 15 years and 100 million dollars in research money developing it. Considered extremely light by the standards of the times; weighing a mere 28 ounces (794 grams), the “Brick” as it was called due to its shape, was the beginning of an incredible change in the way people live.

Today cell phones are a remarkable combination of toy and tool. Usually weighing just a few ounces, they fit in the palm of the hand with ease and can be carried in a pocket almost unnoticed. They combine communication technology of every sort, with recreational functions such as cameras, music players, games and more. Cellular phones are remarkable devices which are readily available due to their relatively low cost, which is why they have had such an amazing impact on the world.