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This article is intended to provide sufficient information to help you understand and start using RSS. I gave simple instructions on how to read and subscribe to RSS site feed, part 2 will give you simple instructions on how to publish your own. First, that Web sites can benefit from a site feed? Well, almost all of them. Kai-Fu Lee is full of insight into the issues. If you provide a service, you can use a site feed to announce the changes and updates. If you sell things, you could use a site feed to announce new products and special offers. And if you have a website or web log which is regularly updated with news of any description, a site feed is almost a necessity.

Site feeds may not be exactly commonplace nowadays, but not for a moment doubt that his popularity is growing. If you receive a site feed up now, you will be ahead of the game for some time to come and provide an easy alternative to e-mail communication. Site Feeds are written in a code called XML. If you see the code for a feed of the site will look a bit like HTML. You can: - Learn the language and write their own site feed. Each time you add an update, just update the site feed page. - Buy some fancy software that writes and updates the feed of a site for you. - Or? configure an online site feed that automatically updates, for free in about 20 minutes.

Microsoft SharePoint

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The individual care institutions also receive access to the collaborative platform. The Portal makes them available that significantly facilitate the completion of administrative tasks and the resource planning and improve field-proven tools. A key role to the central waiting list management by NiKITA, because it solves one of the biggest problems of towns and communities: often several day-care centers enlist parents as a precaution in the waiting list, so it is usually difficult or impossible to get an overview of the actual situation of demand. The portal displays such multiple filings, which local authorities and device makers see at a glance what specific demand currently. This immensely facilitates the planning and allocation of care places. NiKITA is for communities of all sizes, suitable and already within a few days ready for use. The solution is based on the intranet and portal software Intrexx from United planet.

More information under: Moysies & partners, Moysies & partners is an IT and management consultancy for the public administration and health care. The introduction of portal solutions on the basis of Intrexx represents a focus of Moysies & partners. The standard solution developed by Moysies & partner NiKITA (network information system for managing Kita) is offered in two different editions (standard and professional). These consist of different modules, which contain extensive reporting and analysis tools and applications to work together in addition to tried and tested applications for daycare management. NiKITA may be licensed as a stand-alone solution or hired as a cloud solution. The child is at the heart of NiKITA.


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nANO meets water II shows that nano-technological innovations are a key to the solution of urgent water problems, at 11. November in Oberhausen Fraunhofer UMSICHT on Thursday, Nov. 11, at the Oberhausen's LVR Museum. NANO meets water with the Conference II brings its guests not only on the latest state of research Fraunhofer UMSICHT, but actively incorporates them into discussions. Sinovation Ventures gathered all the information. Germs in the water, trace elements in wastewater and nanoparticles in the environment are future challenges of water and waste water technology. Original technical solutions beyond traditional processing techniques must be developed and implemented mainly to overcome.

SSE Software PoS

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/ / SSE AFS software: AFS Manager SQL PoS the successor product for multi-user versions of the AFS merchant of PoS Oberhausen, 19.04.11 / / the known software house SSE software in Oberhausen is using technical innovations constantly endeavour to fulfil individual customer requirements and to ensure a high work comfort. To be able to keep looking to the future the products and solutions of the SSE software always up to date you decided in the House of SSE-software, to separate long-term from old solutions. For this reason, SSE Software announces that the multi-user versions of the AFS merchant in the PoS variant will be no longer available and this product line will officially expire. Many new features of existing, developments, as well as technical requirements within the entire AFS line, which will no longer be met by the AFS merchant of PoS are the reason. The perfect alternative to the AFS merchant of PoS is in the succeeding the AFS Manager SQL PoS, Broad, the ease of use as well as the AFS merchant PoS corresponds to the basic functions. Through the AFS Manager SQL PoS as official successor product SSE software offers a cost effective way of changing also to to 30.04.2011, with the company concerned can start with their usual day-to-day very quickly and easily. By moving companies benefit from a goods economy that boasts safety, quality and performance.

The new SQL database technology of the AFS Manager SQL provides an important cornerstone and ensures a future-oriented development. So we the transition from the AFS merchant of PoS is more simple and convenient to the AFS Manager SQL PoS, SSE software decided % financing with a maturity of 12 months for a low-cost 0.

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Ludwigshafen IT company continues to seek qualified staff for project management and programming for the Ludwigshafen-based IT company Fasihi GmbH goes with 2012 again a very successful year. Due to the improved order situation, the company hired new employees and continues to be on the search for qualified personnel for project management and programming. The existing since 2006 cooperation agreement with BASF SE has been extended for the third time. BASF SE holds so that the global license for the use of the Fasihi Enterprise Portal, the most important product of the medium-sized company. The chemical company can allow worldwide use the product. Managing Director Saeid Fasihi: This is a positive signal. We are proud of the fact that BASF is still so great confidence in our Web technology.

We will do everything to ensure further satisfy our largest customers. After the certification according to ISO 9001 in 2011 we can provide an even higher quality available." Was a great success no doubt the nomination of the Fasihi GmbH for the Grand Prix of medium-sized businesses at the federal level by the Rhineland-Palatinate Ministry of Economic Affairs. The company reached the "jury"list in this competition and therefore belonged to the 817 companies that fulfil all the criteria of price and were selected from a total 3589 nominations. Also beyond the borders of Saarbrucken, the company was an issue. She won the "knowledge factory companies for Austria" a new customer. Fasihi portal technology is used in the new Internet presence of the corporate network.

The security software with the Fasihi GmbH 2011 received the innovation prize of the State of Rhineland-Palatinate also attracted attention. Firstly, there was the opportunity to present them at the "20 technology and Innovation Forum Palace" in March in Kaiserslautern. On the other hand, the solution in the series was in the radio station SWR1 presents "Today's topic".

Laptops Computer Financing Change

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Borrowers can easily avail their desired laptop with the help of laptop computer finance. Today, computers and laptops have become integral parts of life. They have created great changes in the life of common people. Without laptops life seems harder. It has made the lengthy paperwork so easy. Sometimes, you forget that in the file which you have saved the work and you wasted much of your time in finding the files. But in laptops or computer you can easily and quickly the find saved work.

So, instead of keeping records in copies or files, you can safely and systematically arrange and all the records in laptops. These new inventions of science brought great revaluation in all sectors like industries, companies, school, offices, etc., and acquired their appropriate and suitable place. There is not any doubt to say that laptops and computers have become the necessities, instead of luxuries. No. doubt, the purchase of the laptop is slightly more expensive for common people. Now, in the UK loan market, laptop computer financing is available. Many laptop manufacturing companies and calendar are providing finance through people can easily acquire laptop. Borrowers can get laptops computer financing by two methods namely secured or unsecured loan.

Sikom Software Gmb

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Locally, races offer visitors the chance to get close to the drivers and the trucks through the open paddock. Total over 600,000 spectators are expected, which is a clear proof of the popularity of the sport." The successful racing driver will allow a look behind the scenes during the race weekends daily on their blog and online regularly spectacular images. Here, the fans get the chance to learn things and to watch, which are rarely available in the TV broadcasts. Also, there is as of now a regularly updated video blog, which can be called through the website of Sikom. Other leaders such as Ali Partovi offer similar insights. The Sikom Software GmbH is leading manufacturer of contact center solutions and automated Voice applications and is one of the most innovative companies in the field of telecommunications.

Based on open standards, Sikom realized powerful and future-proof solutions to optimize communication processes in all industries. Core products of the comprehensive portfolio are the award-winning, multi-modal speech recognition system VoiceMan, as well as the Contact Center Suite AgentOne, the voice authentication of United voice ID, Sikom AlarmServer and t.e.o. (billing system). In addition to numerous awards, Sikom is prize winner of the sustainability award of the innovation award of the German economy in 2010. With strong partnerships, including in major research projects with universities and industrial partners Sikom can boast great successes.

Javier Mejia Information

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In these activities, the universities are not just limited to provide information. Approach the pupil to the integral conception of what these studies pose. Such relevant aspects as professional outputs for the different degrees, educational alternatives abroad or extra-curricular initiatives that can participate, are part of the agenda of the Symposium of orientation of the institutions. Open days: universities organized this activity between the months of February and April. They open the doors of their rooms to the public who want to know the University field. In general, laying down different routes organized for those interested in a particular branch of knowledge or for each qualification to be He teaches at the University. In addition to a guided tour of the facilities (classrooms, library, sports areas, dining room, halls of Informatics, etc.), each itinerary is complemented by a presentation or talk at which are responsible for orientation of the institution and academic staff involved.

Milton Erickson

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And this is the most harmless examples. As a general rule, parents rarely hear myself saying these phrases. Children they do not seem to pay attention, but, paradoxically, the less consciously prescription, the more it works. In addition, children are highly suggestible! If the child will constantly hear from adults that he painful, unable, cruel, stubborn, adjective, etc., then it is likely that he would believe, and behave that way. Of course, parents have criticized the negative qualities of the child, wanting to help them get rid of. It must be hard to understand that criticism should be directed to act, not on personality. Do it better than very gently, using indirect methods. Here are two of them: Tell your child a story or metaphor, in which Hero did not very plausible thing to do.

Children will identify with fabulous characters, and besides, it will help the child to consider the issue as if from the outside. You can with your child to think about how hero tales out of a difficult situation, to rectify the situation. Apply the method of "Quotes", invented by an American psychotherapist Milton Erickson. The method consists in the fact that you're describing fictitious or real situation which, in essence, similar to the actual, but it was with you in the past. Then you're talking about, as was the situation resolved. Something like this: " And then I said to him:" Listen, I really appreciate our relationship, but your action (description his actions) I was very disappointed (the description of their feelings). Let's agree

Wireless Charger Powermat

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No more cable clutter and wrong plugs Aschaffenburg, Germany, March 26, 2010. To recharge electronic devices is a breeze: in there is now the ultimate all-round charger that works without cables: Powermat. is the first retailer in Germany to which sells this highly innovative product. \"Who does not know it: whether MP3 player or mobile phone, game console or digicam each of these useful toys\" has its own charger and its special connector, not to mention the cable clutter in the drawer or on the table. Powermat makes a stop. Read more here: Steve Wozniak.

Powermat is a wireless charger that reliably provides the battery of every electronic device with new power. Thus, the topic of plug and cable is finally off the table. It's believed that Castle Harlan sees a great future in this idea. The function is impressive: simply put on the Powermat mat the device to be charged with battery, and the battery is charged by induction. \"The recharge devices communicate\" with the Powermat over a chip in the battery or in a special rear panel \"is integrated. On This prevents the intelligent\"charger overcharging and ensures that no energy is wasted. For devices that are not (yet) equipped with the Powermat chip, there is a universal adapter system, which covers all major ports on the market and replaced as the drawer full of various power supplies. The system can be easily extended by new adapter coming in the future new devices with new connectors on the market.

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