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Paints and varnishes Unlike virtually all of impregnation varnishes and paints convert wood into the first group of fire-resistance rating. JSC "Morning," one of the first in the country has started production of fire-retardant paint, which was named "Shield-1." Colorless and transparent after application it does not change texture of the wood, but if you want a varnish can make any color by adding krasitel.On used for both internal and external works. JSC "Antiseptic" manufactures and sells fire-protective lacquer OZL-SC.

The Place

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The particles are adsorbed inhibitor on the surface of the corroding metal in two forms: as a randomly distributed on its molecules or ions and in separate clusters - clusters.

Cutting Air

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Residual air content in the test was less than 1%. Pasta obtain a smooth, transparent and have a rich yellow, with shades of anguish inherent in the color. The color products become, in the first place - because of the lack of oxidation of the pigments - the color they specify, and secondly - for lack of air in the inner layers of products, which increases the capacity for light rays and a greater number of pigment molecules involved in color formation, in the third - there is no darkening of the test associated with the activity of the enzyme polyphenol oxidase, in contact with air.

Konopatka Wooden House

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In a wooden house the bulk of the heat keep the wall. By themselves, the wooden walls have low thermal conductivity, so be sure to insulate mezhventsovye seams, as they determine the air flow through the walls. Warming mezhventsovyh seams and corners is called - caulking. In the old days as a heater is often used natural materials, such as swamp moss, but nowadays mostly used rags, or lnovatinom jute. On how konopatka done - depends on whether your wooden house or room warm. Konopatku perform twice: once after setting log home, the second - a 1-1, five years after the shrinkage.

Distinguish Two Cottages

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Accordingly, the calculated area of bedrooms, halls and other premises cottage. The total lifetime homes, cottages and ancillary structures depends on the durability of the main load-bearing structures. This foundation, walls, floors and roof. Foundation for the construction of the cottage The foundation, the most crucial part of the cottage.


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To date, IVF is considered one of the most effective treatments for infertility using assisted reproductive technology (ART). During the IVF process fusion of gametes occur in including maintaining a healthy lifestyle and good nutrition parents, the complete exclusion of smoking. You should avoid stress, overload - both physical and psychological. Before carrying out IVF must pass a full and thorough examination to determine the overall health of the patient.

Azure-Two In One

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Azure (glazing compounds) combine the properties of the impregnation and coatings. They are transparent, add some glitter on wood, and at the same time creating her strong, but flexible shell. They are perfect to protect the material from water, but allow the wood to breathe. Azure makes the wood more resistant to adverse weather conditions, particularly UV radiation. Many of them contain a part of an antiseptic, which protects the wood from mold, blue.

These blue and decorated with wood, and perform the function of impregnation. Lazuli, as well as impregnation, emphasize drawing layers (and the worse will be sanded surface, the more this image will appear and the contrasting it will look like). They may be semi-gloss, semi-matt or matt. Some blues are thixotropic. This means that their density is very high, which prevents runoff during applying them to the surface. The market can meet the following glaze: acrylic. It is water-soluble blue.

Binder in them, which acrylic resin. Their advantage is that they dry fast - about three to four hours. Recommended for indoor use; alkyd. These blues may be water soluble or solvent-based (most often white spirit). Binder is an alkyd resin. About 24 hours drying time; Oil and alkyd-acrylic-oil. Their binder - it's an alkyd (sometimes acrylic) resin and linseed oil, and solvent - white spirit. These coatings provide a surface on the wood and dry film strength about 24 hours. alkyd-urethane. Their solvent is mineral spirits, and a binder - polyurethane varnish. High resistance to mechanical damage. About 24 hours drying time. They can be used both inside and outdoors. Almost all blue if desired can be tinted in different colors. Tagged as: dignity, and blues material, density, surface, surface impregnation process, solution, properties, durability, color

Building A House

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Recently, more and more people take up the construction of his country house. In this regard, this appears more and more literature on the construction of houses, villas, cottages. What conclusions can be drawn from read? First of all - not in a hurry. It's important to think and decide what we want to build a house. Are you going to live there permanently or just during the summer. How many people will live in the house and what age, children, elderly people and etc. Understand what the problem solving, pre-select the project or building project a few options at home.

Furniture Tradition Of China - A Symphony Of Comfort And Coziness. Furniture China Furniture

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From time immemorial the Chinese furniture had no upholstery. Even today, furniture, designed in the classical Chinese style, it has not. For decoration of furniture used inserts made of bamboo, marble and other decorative items. Chinese the interior is typical furniture, stained in reddish-brown color, is also common combination of dark brown and yellow. This combination allows the use of color in a single product rosewood and teak. Latest equipment installed on most furniture factories in China can achieve this effect by using cheaper wood.

The Kitchen

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To date, no problem. Which only designs you will not find on sale! And color, and trimmed with metal or translucent plastic. There are models in which the door opens down, like a conventional oven, stove and streamlined forms. So do not dwell on finding a white rectangular boxes. * What charms in use, may give us a modern microwave oven? Mass! Continuing to talk about cleaning up air in the kitchen, we note that we have to roar came the stove, fitted with its own hatch. * Very popular (though not very cheap) bioceramic coating in a microwave oven.

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