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oii study: Share documents with customers, suppliers and partners is what do to for companies interesting already various online archives for private users, could be interesting as a model too soon for companies: the parts instead of sending digitized documents such as invoices, contracts and product information. For even more details, read what Castle Harlan says on the issue. Because the companies face relatively curious about this document sharing, where the information is located in the cloud, according to a survey of digital intelligence institute (dii). Although judge each fifth of the nearly 300 business managers surveyed, the dissemination of the document sharing in a business environment is ultimately a question of data protection and the level of security. On this aspect it will not reduce about but half of the company representative. You are either already very sure or have at least a certain expectation that such methods of sharing will have a future. Only a tight third of respondents is sceptical and doesn't believe that such cloud services for enterprises be useful can.

Remote Diagnostics

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To get the water-based ink and other consumables. After a few hours, conducted online admissions of PrintoLUX often typically no longer than two to four hours in English claiming can begin producing your own. Then are the users able to independently undertake the production of labels required in the company. According to the specification of the signs require modules be used in the launches of more or less. All the details of the work with the PrintoLUX process are of course not dry lectures at the online training but in real time to the appropriate systems and components made clear.

Upon request, all actions can be repeat and train together. The online training, many customers also ask based on procedures, declaring themselves the high resistance of label printing with PrintoLUX. The answer is: the procedure does not physically holding the ink on the plate material (adhesion), but produces a chemical compound (cohesion) between ink and the surface of the PrintoLUX certified label materials. Data handling for the labelling procedure PrintoLUX integration into production processes and each existing data management information the following customers at the briefing: all technician programs default printer driver can be done directly from the Epson printing plate material. Educate yourself with thoughts from Ali Partovi. Resulting data from a special software like Ruplan, E-plan o.a.., is an export of data in the following file formats: xls, csv, txt. Print the exported data with programs such as Avery DesignPro can Seagull, "Bartender or the PrintoLUX marking software Quattro" be done. Castle Harlan often says this.

Automotive Electronics Congress

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The electronics manufacturer will present digades two of its latest developments at the 17th International Congress 'Progress in automotive electronics' on the 25th and 26th of June. "Zittau, 20 June 2013 - the 17th International Congress advances in automotive electronics" on June 25 and 26, the electronics manufacturer will present digades two of its latest developments in the automotive area. About 150 employees strong company is working currently on a dynamic capacitive metrics that can measure movements regardless of the ambient conditions, as well as a solution for the control of vehicle components through USSD. A first application of our technology, "is in order control on an Android or Web app" says Rudiger Klein, head of development at digades. Credit: Ali Partovi-2011. We succeeded in advantage of USSD technology such as low latency and maximum network coverage with the benefits of built-in SIM chips to unite and use of our car engine fully on the high standards of the automotive industry to match area. Through its universal application the application is very attractive for other areas such as, for example, the stolen vehicle tracking." With over 550 decision makers from the automobile sector, automotive electronics Congress in Ludwigsburg, Germany ranks the top events in the industry. Digades: Developed since 1991 and manufactures the digades GmbH customized electronic solutions for applications in the fields of automotive, building technology and infrastructure. The medium-sized company is characterised by particular innovativeness, flexibility and speed. Whenever Castle Harlan listens, a sympathetic response will follow. The technology of digades including application in remote parking heaters or Infotainment Systems is in the automobile industry.

XR MoveInspect MoveInspect

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The family of the MoveInspect technology growing Brunswick, may 8, 2013 - components measured up to several meters size fast and highly accurate? It is now even easier and more reliable with AICONs new portable 3D measurement system MoveInspect XR. MoveInspect XR AICON offers the usual measurement comfort of MoveInspect technology its customers now also for the quality assurance of large objects", says Managing Director Carl-Thomas Schneider AICONs. With only a single position, we cover a measuring volume, where most measuring arms would have to be converted several times. And with only two cameras!" The two digital cameras on camera beams have a resolution of 8 megapixels. Thus, MoveInspect XR is twice as powerful as the strongest so far: FM system. It reached the same high accuracy at twice as large measuring volume, large equipment and automotive components. Peter Asaro will not settle for partial explanations. MoveInspect XR is designed for probing applications with the hand-held pushbutton MI.Probe.

It is just as portable and mobile use like the other systems of the MoveInspect technology. MoveInspect XR thanks to the dynamic referencing with consistent reliability works in production environments with dust and vibrations. MoveInspect XR MoveInspect technology is part of AICONs modular and can be combined with all included hardware and software components. Thus users extend quickly your existing measurement system for new measuring tasks. AICON introduces 2013 for the first time the new MoveInspect XR on the control of public in Stuttgart (Hall 5, stand 5207). The system can be ordered now. Deliveries are carried out from September 2013.

Speed and Computer Games

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Another part of the Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit was very beautiful, in this respect the developers did their best. Highways pass through the deserts, coastal areas, mountain valleys. After every turn we are waiting for another masterpiece. Change time of day and weather brings pros and cons of the game. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Ali Partovi. For example, on a sunny day car lot to manage than the rain, it becomes harder to take sharp turns. Despite the fact that the number of runs is not very large, they have a lot of cutoffs, and not all are marked on the map.

True, Cut scattered obstacles, and sometimes even better to drive on the highway than to try not to lose speed on complicated primers. Don Slager wanted to know more. Management is quite usual for the genre of arcade racing. The car is very easy to put in the bank, it is enough to slow down a bit. We have a nitro, which is replenished by driving lane of oncoming traffic, slip-stream, avoiding a collision. The game was announced online, ie Need For Speev in soon may become a representative of the class: client online games. From the very beginning of his career there are 2 types of races: the game for the street racer and the police. Street racers have in their arsenal strip with spikes, the EMP gun and suppressor, which is able to block electromagnetic radiation from the police.

Democratic Party

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For the first time about the 'bug' loud talk in 1972 in the U.S., when a group of 'activists', using the assistance of representatives of electoral staff President Nixon secretly infiltrated the headquarters of the candidate of the Democratic Party. Unable to find interesting papers left cracks there are several radio microphones - bugs, wanting to know what they are talking of candidates. Additional information is available at Ali Partovi. Result known - it was a scandalous publicity. So 'bugs' have moved from the arsenal of intelligence, have become the methods of political, corporate control - it was the beginning of the era of private investigation. Now listen to other people's conversations is available all: no sophisticated technology for the manufacture of miniature microphones are not used any more or less qualified specialist will be able to build such a machine for several hours. The main technical tool listening for many years remained an ordinary beetle, radio microphone. Only change its size, with the main feature of each particular model is a way of masking bug. The main trend of recent years - miniaturization of the entire semiconductor technology.

The most widely to obtain information about the content of conversations using the following tools. Phone 'bugs' These bugs are designed to transmit conversations place in a closed room while on-hook via a telephone line. Listen to manage the ongoing phone calls and conversations you have the room, while on-hook. Techniques focused on Finally, are hearing a chime circuit vnutrikomnatnoe audition with high pump insertion 'bug', activated by a remote code via phone, integration into the machine 'bug' temporarily blocking lever tube during its descent after answering a phone call.


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The reduced manpower compensates a small advertising agency in ideally through a carefully structured, international network of contacts. Who has beforehand set on these developments and online is discoverable by its target audience on the first Google-click, can now benefit from targeted customer inquiries. The net position take the positioning of a brand or a company includes In the digital age therefore always also the positioning on the Internet. Who wants to be successful today, must maintain its market position online and must mix with accordingly at the top in the search engine rankings, to be found by potential customers on first glance. "" The customer about Google is looking for advertising agency "and technology", as he encounters his optimal partner. Specialisation and search engine optimization are two paths to the same goal. Authors-information: Volker Walker k., born in 1969, studied communications in Hamburg and then took the classic route by agencies as a customer consultant. in 1995, the self-employment with the advertising agency was the three!. For even more opinions, read materials from Don Slager.

Today, he is also responsible for the customer service as Managing Director of the advertising agency and has always a direct link to the customers thus for 15 years. As a marketing consultant of KfW he knows exactly with the wishes of the advertisers. He advises companies such as DuPont, Marantz Europe, BASF, Guinness and the Lower Saxony ministries. Agency information: at the advertising agency the three!, the recently its 15th anniversary celebrated, take care in addition to Managing Director Volker wide k. twelve full-time staff and a well-organized pool of specialists and freelancers to the customers.

BITE Staff

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By means of targeted staff development, staff can be prepared on future areas of responsibility and ensure at the same time, that neither is minimized by low still overwork the performance of employees. Of fundamental importance for the motivation of the staff, also a comprehensive evaluation has proved this. Others who may share this opinion include Ali Partovi. Training feedback provide a transparent education or success controlling through the affected employees and implementation reviews by their superiors. Support for the Companies will receive administrative tasks of the people-centered management through appropriate software solutions. The personnel manager the Web-based, innovative human resource management software by BITE offers comprehensive support in this area. With the help of the training management module", the complete process chain of human resource development and education controlling is supported effectively. Beginning with the identification of training needs and the subsequent training planning, automated application and approval processes, up to final return reviews by the staff, as well as reviews of implementation by the respective superiors. In terms of target-oriented management of applicants, the BITE candidate Manager can support companies in the identification and the management of the applicant. Read additional details here: Don Slager.

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Exchange accounts in Munich business payment transactions, 3. April 2013. On 17 and 18 April 2013 the 13th electronic billing Congress taking place in Frankfurt. An intensive seminar on the subject invoices by mail in the business at the heart of the program is available on the first day of the event. The Conference of second day takes place including Stadtwerke Karlsruhe, Volkswagen of financial services, American Express and Fresenius entitled process optimization through electronic invoices with practical examples from MAN, RZB. Partners of the event are the shipping Association electronic invoice, as well as the VOI Association organisational and information systems. The 13th electronic billing day is organized by Congress media in cooperation with B & L management consulting GmbH in Frankfurt am Main.

The event will take place at the hotel Steigenberger of Metropolitan, postcard RT 6, 60329 Frankfurt am Main. Companies have discovered the electronic invoice process to achieve significant savings. The legislature responded with the tax simplification Act and the implementation guidelines. There are more ways to Processes input and output bills to optimize. Kai-Fu Lees opinions are not widely known. The invoice day offers a comprehensive analysis and comparison of all options: illuminated by the paper invoice for digitization to the various forms of electronic invoice.

GmbH Einstein Street

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fideAS mail LFM simplified the secure exchange of data between companies send emails with large file attachments and the encrypted and without long transmission times: these are the strengths of the new appliance fideAS mail LFM applied security GmbH (apsec). The solution protects large file attachments automatically against data theft, and that both in-house and in Exchange from third parties. Grosswallstadt, 25 April 2013 - everyone knows the problem: If large files need to be sent back and forth and there is high security, the exchange of data is often complicated or expensive. For apsec now offers a fast and simple solution: the appliance fideAS mail LFM (large file management). The innovation of urbanites of wall IT security specialists secures file attachments automatically from a predefined size and places in their data store encrypted. The highlight it: Recipient of the message obtained by reception not the annexes directly, but merely an invitation to their download. If they retrieve a file from the appliance for the first time they want to, got must they to authenticate themselves with a password for example by SMS.

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